Once there was a young boy named Michael who was a pretty average kid. He liked normal things like comicbooks and bubblegum cards, view-masters and monster movies. Michael had a pretty quirky imagination too. But there was one thing that Michael was afraid of and that was. . .

The stinky creatures bedeviled the boy.

He had heard terrible things about them, how they could blind you with their spray and many of them had rabies. It got to the point where Michael was afraid to go walking in the woods.

When he decided to do a report on the little stinkers for school, he learned that many of the myths that he had believed about them were wrong.

Michael no longer feared the skunks. In fact he was so captivated by the critters that he got a skunk as a pet. It was a beautiful and unusual animal that he named Shadrach.

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As an actor in the Ft. Wayne Youtheater Michael got to play lots of interesting characters and wear lots of fun costumes. But he wanted to create a character of his own design.

He wanted to create a character that would combine the things that he thought were funny with the heros he thought were courageous.

He wanted people to laugh and be excited at the same time.

Inspired by his new found love for skunks he sketched, designed and stitched together the strangest super hero ever.

The one and only genuine original

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