After reading through the complete Skunk-Guy Trilogy you may be wondering what books could have helped inspire such an outlandish adventure series.
Well, here are a few of the books that have ignited my imagination throughout the years. Inspring me to create my own off beat superhero saga.
Some of them are pretty old and may be out of print. You might check your library or old used bookstore. There may be an adventure in just trying to find them.

by Pamela F. Service

Karen, who dreams about space adventure, is contacted by Tsynq Yr, an alien trapped in the body of a skunk. While Tsynq Yr (whom Karen dubs Stinker) finds earth civilization primitive, he is powerless to escape without the help of Karen and Jonathan, another young computer buff. Stinker hatches a plan to return home that includes hijacking a NASA space shuttle.

by Pamela F. Service

Stinker is back, returning the borrowed shuttle and enlisting the help of Karen and Jonathan on an urgent mission: to find a souvenir, something uniquely "earthly," for the collection of a space deposit. The three embark on a whirlwind search through the nationÕs capital, trailed by police and NASA officials still trying to solve the mystery of the shuttleÕs disappearance and return.

by Robert McClosky

Homer is just a regular guy living in the small town of Centerburg where not too much happens but when it does you can bet that Homer is right there in the middle of it. This collection of short stories includes the adventure Homer had with his pet skunk (Her name is Aroma!!!) and a band of bank robbers. Those poor guys never knew what hit them. This is just one of six humorous dilemmas that Homer Price is confronted with. A real fun read!

by Elizabeth Starr Hill

No Skunks in this tale. Just your average collage student (Chuck Ellrood) who finds himself on the wrong end of a family curse. When the moon is full, he is turned into a wolfman forced to carry out the impossable assignments of the Swamp King. How Chuck attempts to keep his very antisocial condition from the other teachers in Brentwood Hall, from his prissy roommate, and from his special girl makes a hilarious excursion into the world of horror that is all but impossible to put down.

by John & Jean George

Here is a heartwarming tale of a boy, and his skunk. Escaping her flooded den during a powerful rain storm, a mother skunk moves her two kits under a farm-house. Only one of the kits lives through the ordeal, and is discovered the next day by the boy of the house (Sycamore Will). Keeping his discovery a secret Sycamore begins a wonderful time of discovery as he learns about his new unusual friend.